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There are so many other courses available to you, too many to list, so if you are hungry for knowledge then why not get in touch to discover the right course for you.


Our expert team can help you and your team increase your knowledge and skills



First Aid at Work - 18hrs contact time

Emergency First Aid at Work - 6hrs contact time

First Aid at Work Requalification - 12hrs contact time


Basic Life Support, AED and Anaphylaxis - 3hrs contact time

Emergencies in the Practice - 3hrs contact time


Combined Emergency First Aid at Work and Child First Aid - 6hrs contact time

Combined First Aid at Work and Child First Aid - 18hrs contact time


Sports First Aid - 12hrs contact time

Emergency Sports First Aid - 6hrs contact time

Security/Advanced First Aid

First Person on Scene

Hostile Environment First Aid

Ballistic and Blast Trauma

Kinematics of Trauma

Patient Assessment

Recognition of a Sick Child

Common Childhood Emergencies

Short Courses

Allergies, Asthma and Seizures 

"Save a life" First Aid 

Resuscitation and AED

Major Bleeding


And More................

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