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Why Learn First Aid

Why not? is possibly a better question. It can
save life of a family member, we have! it can save the life of a friend or a person in the street. We have been known to save the life of a horse at an event we attended!

The skills can be learnt at any age and can be used on anyone of any age, in any environment, be it at home, at work, in a school, on holiday, etc. The list is endless.

It could be a major or minor incident and knowing how to assess  and what action you should take is simply reassuring to the casualty who needs help or in a more serious circumstance, life-saving.

Knowing you have received the right training to help in an emergency situation promotes          self-confidence to do all that you can until professional help arrives.

You can feel proud and relieved that your skills may have helped someone in their hour of need. It instils confidence and the point of learning first aid is that you can
"save a life".

Don't be left wondering...'could I have helped?’ or I wish I had known what to do, they may have survived'. Enrol on one of our courses and give yourself some valuable life skills.

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