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Medical Training for the Security Industry


Security Industry First Aid

We know the expectations placed on security staff when there is a patient requiring first aid. Add this to the requirements of the SIA licencing, we have put together training packages that will meet the requirements and make sure you can act as a first aider and “save a life”.


Our experience as operational medical staff and qualification writers means that we are able to offer you everything from first aid training to more specialised training including professional development training packages. The courses are for everyone, and include;

  • Administration of Medical Gases,

  • First Aid at Work,

  • First Aid at Work Refresher,

  • Emergency First Aid at Work.


Or maybe look at one of our more advanced or specialised courses such as

Firearms and Ballistic Trauma

First Person on Scene


First Aid at Work

Emergency First Aid

Medical Gases

First Person on Scene

HE First Aid

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