Medical Training For Emergency Responders


Medical Training For Emergency Responders

Thank you to all Emergency Responders. You are valued and appreciated for all your dedication and commitment to keep us safe throughout the pandemic. We are here to help.

Our experience as operational medical staff and qualification writers means that we are able to offer you everything from first aid training to more specialised training including and professional development training packages. The courses are for everyone from doctors, nurses, PTS workers to phlebotomists, and include cannulation skills and oxygen therapy as well as Ambulance Moving and Handling.


We specialise in providing pre-hospital training up to ambulance technician level.


Courses we provide include:

If you can't find a specific course on our website then please email us to enquire. We are also able to tailor courses to fit your requirements.

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Administration of Medical Gases
Adult Mental Health First Aid
Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals
Patient Transport Services