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Our first aiders are not just first aiders. They are CREWS advanced first aiders!


Based in Dorset, Hampshire and Sussex, they are trained to stabilise and treat a range of medical emergencies using up to date skills and equipment. They are also trained to be proactive and help prevent the need for first aid to be given. Trained to a higher standard than the usual First Aid at Work, our first aiders are able to “save a life”.


Recent HSE guidance and recent events such as the report into the Manchester bombing and the issues at the Brixton O2 Academy have highlighted the need for appropriately trained staff and in sufficient numbers are onsite. We follow the HSE guidelines on the quantity and training required to make sure your event stays safe. Using our expertise and your experience, we will formulate a medical plan to keep you and your attendees safe.


All of our first aiders have access to clinical support and training that has been designed to help them remain confident and competent. Led by a specialist paramedic, and supported by other professionals such as Drs, paramedics and nurses, our first aiders provide a very visible, friendly and professional service, no matter what the weather.

The team at the Superhero Series

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