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Our fun and interactive courses don't rely on presentations, but rather on engagement and interaction. You will leave one of our first aid courses feeling confident to help a person and "save a life".

We deliver courses to cater for every requirement, whether it's an annual resuscitation assessment, workplace first aid course, school and early years first aid or first aid for parents, carers and young people.


Our expertise means that we can adjust a course to suit you……


What’s more, we are flexible in how the course is delivered. We can come to you, or even spread it over a few weeks. For families and carers we will even attend a coffee morning…. Our trainers like theirs with milk but no sugar!


Because we are a Dorset/Sussex local company, our community is important to us. We can be found teaching 5 year olds to “save a life” at the local Beaver unit and supporting our local churches.


Give us a try, and become a confident first aider.


Here is what a parent said after attending a short training session at a coffee morning.


“ Thank you for the training you gave me the other day. My daughter started to choke yesterday and started to turn blue. I remembered that practical tip of leaning her over the arm of the sofa with her head down. Surprisingly I remembered it and I managed to get the toy out and stop her choking. You promised me I would remember it and although I was sceptical, I did and my daughter is still here.”

                                                                                                                                                               A dad

Workplace First Aid


Security Industry

Child First Aid


Family First Aid

And so much more...

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