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Our ambulances and those of our industry partners are kitted to the same standards as the NHS ambulances that respond to 999 calls.

4x4 Vehicles
4x4 vehicles

We have a range of both 4x4 stretcher carrying vehicles and response vehicles to utilise at off-road events. They carry specialist equipment to extricate patients from hard to reach areas and even extrication recovery equipment.

Rapid Response Vehicle
IMG_2388 (2).JPG
Quad Bike
Medical Centres
Medical Centres

For events that require a treatment area, we have a range of “pop- up” gazebos or tents that can turn any space into a treatment post. We can equip the medical centres with a full range of equipment and also have lighting and heating to ensure they can run 24/7.

Hand on Laptop

If you would like to know more about how we can support your event, please get in touch to discuss.

Quad Bike

Fantastic for any event where traditional motorised transport is likely to be delayed. Our quad response units carry nearly everything that a rapid response vehicle does,  just designed smaller in size to allow access to more areas.

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