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First Aid for Families


Family First Aid

Families are important to us all and the fear of having to “save a life” is seated deep inside us all.


Did you know

  • An individual’s chance of surviving a cardiac arrest are hugely improved when someone starts CPR before the ambulance arrives!

  • You can use a public access defibrillator without any special training!

  • First aid is 95% common sense and 5% application!


There is a course for every person who wants to learn to help others and “save a life”. Whether that is because you are about to or have become parents for the first time, or because you want to learn basic first aid. No matter your age, we have a course for you. We are here to help.


Our fun and interactive courses will give you the confidence to provide first aid in an emergency until help arrives. You will be able to give first aid in a calm, and confident manner knowing that you are doing something to help your family member or friends. Why not learn together by arranging a coffee morning or a social evening with family and friends and learn some basic first aid as well. Remember though its white coffee with no sugar for our trainers………..

Coffee Morning

Teen Aid

Family First Aid

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