First Aid & Medical Training For Schools

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First Aid For Educators, Early Years Practitioners

We understand the responsibility and requirements that schools have for the care of children and employees. Every child deserves to be in a safe environment, but accidents happen whilst they explore and learn. We are here to help your school be up to date and compliant. 


Our courses include a specialised First Aid Training Course for Schools, combining both Emergency First Aid at work and Paediatric First Aid course. This course meets all of the criteria set out by the HSE, OFSTED, the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage and the Child Care Register guide.

We are passionate about helping all schools and nurseries as children matter. We can also conduct first aid kit and provision audit to help make sure you are compliant and your insurance remains valid, as well as first aid restocking and ordering. Please download our Expiry Date Checklist to help you keep track of your first aid kit expiry dates.

Our experience as operational medical staff and qualification writers means that we are able to offer you everything from first aid training to more specialised training including and professional development training packages. We specialise in providing pre-hospital training up to ambulance technician level.

Courses we provide include:

If you can't find a specific course on our website then please email us to enquire. We are also able to tailor courses to fit your requirements. We also provide clinical governance for schools, including risk assessments, audits, consultancy and can even provide significant incident debriefs. 

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First Aid For Schools
Paediatric First Aid
Anaphylaxis Awareness for Schools
Asthma Awareness for Schools
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